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>> that should be based off equal opportunity to compete. john: it should be barred government goes well beyond that. will happen when the referee blew the whistle or called the penalty? >> i am not sure that is a foul. [laughter] >> they would form committees. john: hearings, litigation, games go on for years. with instant replay that almost happened the nitpickers said every play must be reviewed to make sure it is fair. why not? that was a disaster it would stop the momentum, during this sunday's super bowl coaches can challenge but there is a limit, no more than six per team and the
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referees can look at the replay screen for no more than 60 seconds a limit on the search. that works. clear and simple rules than the rest get out of the way to stay out of the game. if government worked that way we would be much better off. that's our show. see you next week. jobs council back in 2011, billing the advisory board of prominent business leaders and economists from around the nation who were
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to offer prposals to help spur job creation and economic growth. the president only met with his jobs counselor handful of times, four to be exact, rejecting or ignoring many proposals, including a plan to lower tax rates in order to broaden the overall tax base. the council's last official meeting one and one year ago. unemployment has dropped from more than 9 percent of the council's inception to the current rate of 78%, but more than 23 million americans remain of work or are stuck in part-time jobs , wanted full-time work for. meantime, we learned initial jobless claims rose to 360,000 last week, an unexpected jump of over 38,000 from the prior week's four year low. the obama economy seems stuck in neutral. recoveries fragile. yesterday the drop in gdp. tomorrow's january unemployment report expected to remain. critics said the president has not remained lazar focused on
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creating jobs, and the dissolution of the jobs council is just the latest example of that. fox news senior white house correspondent with our report. >> more than one year after his last meeting with the group, president obama is now eviewing the charter for is jobs council. the unemployment rate is falling a little more than a percentage point as the council's first meeting two years ago and no one in the white house says it has fallen far enough. officials defend the council's work in mr. obama's interaction with it. >> the jobs council provided us a series of ideas, many of which the president acted on. it did not require some leaves us ideaso be generated. >> from the start critics believe the council was intended to create the appearance of action in the face of soaring unemployment. it only met four times and had fewer than two dozen conference calls enlisting sessions. republicans ultimately criticized the council and criticized mr. obama for not meeting with it. >> one thing the president could
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have done instead of wasting so much time blaming others would have been to convene the jobs council he created amidst so much fanfare. >> the press secretary said the president to -- treated is of counsel is more of a nuisance than a vehicle to spur job creation. was the republican national committee chair tweeted news this morning that the economy contracted last quarter comes as obama's jobs council ends. great work. you're excused. the council was shared -- chaired by gec hope jeffrey mlb and included prominent labor leaders and economists. mr. barr rejected the call to bypass the state permitting process for the keys and excel pipeline. richard trumka criticized as divisions and other issues. >> and jobs council that did not embrace the president's jobs program is one that you have to say commodity up to? >> meanwhile, the republicans who were suggesting the council was ineffective of the same ones to block the president's jobs
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proposals. >> when we here, you know, some of these somewhat ridiculous criticism about this they come from people who have consistently opposed every growthnitiative and job initiative the president has put forward. >> the president will now work with business and other groups to enact some of the job gunsels ideas, only six of the ideas led to legislation passed by congress, though mr. obama issued a number of executive orders based upon the. lori: thank you. fox news senior white house correspondent. there are reports the president is considering colorado lt. governor joe garcia as the top candid to be his next labor secretary. it held the silas intends to leave the post. job as plans about the only economic news. personal income rose so sharply. income rising number two and a half percent, the largest monthly gain in eight years. that number surging to six -- almost 7%. so the largest increase, and
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this is important. it is fueled by early dividend payouts to beat the rise in tax rates, all that the scope of negotiating and one on. on wall street it was of flat day, but a pretty good month. now, s&p, and nasdaq armadas de lower with volume approaching 4 billion shares. much brighter picture for the month of january. but chavez 6% from the nasdaq 4%, and s&p five. commodities. gold lost more than $14 an ounce on the month closing a $1,660 per ounce. oil prices moved higher, closing at $97.49, up $5.67 a month. checking treasurys got looking upon deals with a wrap up the month, ten year treasury closed out with a yield of just under 2%, entering january yielding 176. so selling of treasuries, bonds
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and the first of the year. joining me now with his take on the obama economy, former federal reserve vice chairman, member of the president clinton economic adviser, dr. alan blinder. he is also author of the brand new book called after the music stopped, the financial crisis, the response, and the work ahead. it is wonderful to have this opportunity to meet you, have this recession with a face-to-face. first, your thoughts on the presidential during the jobs council. >> well, i think there was never going to be a good time to do this. lori: the most symbolic, the symbolism was a board many first cannonball to amidst the crisis, the worst we have met since the 1930's. the importance of the symbolism has been falling through time. there was ever going to be -- i can't imagine there was going to be a good time for him to say, we don't need you anymore. lori: your thoughts on the president's future strategy dealing with the jobs crisis?
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the big jobs report for the month of january tomorrow. the initial jobless claims surprisingly worse than expected today. yesterday's gdp ratio as of distraction. the shipping of to all that bright a picture, at least when you looked at the data point. >> is not great. the tiny-number that we have for gdp in the last quarter was an aberration related to the aberration in the other direction and the third quarter. it sort of average across the. you know, i'm tempted to say this was the best zero ever seen a gdp growth. the conumer was doing nicely, spending. lori: the stock market on a tear. >> and i think they saw through it. business investment very good and a report. government spending pulling it down, and inventories. lori: you're not concerned we're heading into recession their territory? >> not at all, we are stuck in a 2 percent right. alia little below 2%, of for a
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little above. in any case, something like that which is not good enough when you have that unemployment. lori: it has been like that, sluggish growth for some time. this extraordinary government spending sense, if you look at it, the last quarter of negative growth, almost, what is it, over three and a half trillion dollars. so it really makes you question his administration's economic policy. where is is getting is? >> a lot of people a question that, but the truth is says the stimulus -- this stimulus cost of the bursting of -- government spending. it is supposed to stimulate the economy. in its starts falling. government spending in almost every quarter since has been dropping dropping, dropping. this meant that we are spending more and more and more. you're actually spending less. we have big deficits. lori: the decrease in government spending continue to equate it to the government downsizing? many republicans are looking. spending cuts. >> a little bit. it is not drmatic.
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it is not the size of government is falling of a cliff, his traveling down, not up. lori: the senate approved a house plan to approve the debt ceiling and hold off on congressional pay if they don't get a budget deal for the next ten years. you say this is more of a risk and even the fiscal cliff was. >> oh, yes. the debt ceiling is a potentially large fiscal contraction like the fiscal cliff was. even bigger, actually, if you do the math. debt ceiling is you cannot borrow, so you have to balance the budget tomorrow. in addition to that, there was the kind of not very real threat that we might default on the national debt or postpone payments, o you're playing with a combination of a big fiscal contraction and the possibility of triggering a financial crisis also. lori: i want to ask you about your book. after the music stopped, but about the financial crisis, to a dozen 7-8. looking back, said always 2020, what were the best actions taken by the federal government and the worst?
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>> at think there were three. in net you a tie for first? >> you know how tv works. >> one was tart. very unpopular, but effective and turn a profit for the taxpayer. second was the stimulus that we were just talking about. could have been better. was not a perfect stimulus bill, a pretty good given the political constraints. third, what almost no one ever talks about, the bank stress test. to me the banks stress test and this compared pedestrian 2009 was the equivalent of the fdr bank holiday. once was over people felt the banking system was safe again. >> without those mechanisms to you believe the u.s. economy would have fallen off a steep cliff into a true depression? >> depression depends on language. but i estimate several years ago, we might have hit an unemployment rate of 16, 17%. that's pretty horrible. lori: select ford tough reading your books in detail, not just the.
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>> demanded before our interview. once again, after the music stops. lori: democratic senators are saying they're optimistic about passing bipartisan immigration reform put up by the so-called gang of eight. democrats have made some of the empress and the issue. >> committed to getting this bipartisan issue that we now have before us over the finish line. >> never felt more positive about the prospects of real emigration from and that yesterday. >> wrigley the senate will deal to pass bipartisan legislation by the late spring or summer. that would give the house and the time to take up legislation and pass a bill before the end of 2013. lori: democrats also pledged to take the bill through regular order, allowing others to weigh and during committee and floor amendments. the 2007 emigration overall effort did not follow regular order, effective as some second
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treated to its failure. the old adage is never brand after a gunfight, but the department of homeland security thinks a pair of scissors will do just fine. you won't believe how our government thinks you should protect yourself from an arms intruder. the president's nominee for defense secretary takes incoming fire on capitol hill over his stance on iran and israel. even as iran and threatens israel for its attack on it syria. former u.s. a message of the united nations jumbles and joins us next.
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♪ lori: president obama's date to be the next defense secretary faces critics on the hill today. too soft on a rn and not tight enough with israel.
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fox news chief congressional correspondent tells us whether decade ago won any of his opponents over. >> after two months of public criticism over his nomination become secretary of defense former republican senator chuck a gold star earl to reassure senators he is up to the job and not soft on a run. >> heavily committed to the president's goal of preventing iran from obtaining nuclear weapon. and as i have been on record on that issue and as i have said in the past many times. all options must be on the table to achieve that goal which shortly after the top community republican told hagel he would vote no, senator jim in half at the nominee with this white. >> why you think that the iranian foreign ministry so strongly supports a nomination to be the secretary of defense? >> i have a difficult enough time with american politics. senator, i have no idea, but thank you. >> democrats routinely came to his defense including the staff
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suggesting he should act like previously republicans. >> i believe very strongly that this committee needs to see bipartisan. and i hope that the new ranking member holds the same regard for that as senator mccain and senator warner did. >> much of the ammunition came from pat statements by hagel which republicans say show he is not the right hand it. hagel refused to give senator john mccain and direct statement -- answered. >> please answer the question. were you correct or incorrect when he said that the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? where you correct or incorrect? yes or no? >> my reference to -- >> answer the question wellesz senator hagel. the question is storywriter wrong? that is a pretty straightforward question. >> the nominee said that referred to his feelings about
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the war in general and not just the surgeon took heat abou his work with 00. hagel was as defeat is anti-american nukes. >> the position of 00, my position that certain individuals, nestle security leaders have talked about including himself, it has never been unilateral disarmament, ever. never. >> hagel backtracked on his comment about the political power of the jewish lobby. >> i should have used another term, and i'm sorry. i regretted. the use of intimidation, i should have used influence. i think that would have been a more appropriate term. >> coming into the hearing hagel was a controversy among many, so some fireworks were expected, but the number of senators on both sides said it was uncomfortable being in there as fox business labored to explain his past comments and votes. lori: fox news chief congressional correspondent, thank you.
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a recent poll found 34 percent of voters would vote to confirm him, or 25 percent would not. the rest did not even heard of him more or unsure. syria and its ally, iran gone are threatening to retaliate and runs deputy foreign minister said the strike would have serious consequences fertility. thesyrian envoy is warning of a surprise attack now. neither would elaborate. u.s. officials say israel wants to strike against the convoy believed to be carrying antiaircraft weapons to hezbollah in lebanon. the syrian military denies the existence of any such shipment, and accuses israel of hitting a scientific research facility. for more on israel strike on syria and the hagel confirmation hearing employees to be joined by former u.s. ambassador to the un and fox is contributor john bolton. welcome. >> to be here for. lori: we have to talk about chuck hagel and the senate armed forces hearing today. we were expecting our rough
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questioning session, but that was downright cruel. what is your take? >> it was a debacle for chuck hagel, and it was not because the question was so brutal as that the answers or so incompetent. i have been through my own confirmation hearings. i helped prepare other people for there's. and i understand hagel went through a lot of time and effort to prepare, but it did not show today in question after question he simply seemed unable or unwilling to provide answers that were coherent. you have shown some of the clips. the list goes on. lori: one example, why do you think the iranian foreign ministry so strongly supports your nomination to secretary -- how should he have handled that? gabba address similar situation. >> actually, that was when the government. where you going to do? lori: yes or no? >> well, if i were hillary clinton today, i would be
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thinking my lucky stars she did not face that on the benghazi hearing. and hagel would not say yes or no. he had some of that question was coming up. mccain is critical to his potential confirmation. he did not do himself any good with an answer the. lori: hagel had to know it will be a tough day. why is he in this situation? why does he want this job? >> well, i think it is obviously very substantial cabinet position, the largest cabinet department by far, enormous responsibility. and he was very involved in national security issues when he was in the senate, so i think that is understandable, but today his inability to answer some of these questions now raises the competence question that as far as i noted not exist before today. lori: t think it will result in and not getting confirmed? >> a lot depends on john mccain, then see gramm, if they come out against a think -- lori: let's talk about syria. let me retaliation over the
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israeli air strike warning serious consequences for tell of beef. we know they have the nuclear program. you wrote about this in the "wall street journal" this week. how does all of this end up? it sounds like it could be the precursor for more bad things to come. >> let's look at the reason for the israeli attack which is potentially uncontested. the story a sophisticated air defense system being moved from syria and lebanon. the israelis did not want that transfer to take place. why? because they did not want to have tis anti-aircraft system capable of defending hezbollah in lebanon which has a lot armed with rockets that can cover a essentially all of israel. what this means is that tehran was trying to protect hezbollah, perhaps to launch its own preemptive strikes against israeli civilian populations or to be in a position to retaliate
10:24 pm
if israel strikes and runs nuclear-weapons program. lori: having to go at it alone here in terms of the u.s. policy in the middle east will we were talking about chuck hagel and his eyebrows in -- eyebrow raising statements. there has to be concerned about how much support there will have >> that think they know they will not have much support from the obama administration, and it is very difficult for israel to be put in that situation, but the state of israel was founded in part on the belief that only the jewish people could be secure if they protected themselves. their defense strategy is not premised on the u.s. coming to their aid in time of need, which is a good thing since we're not going to. lori: thank you for your time. >> thank you. lori: up next, a soft-drink tighten coca-cola making beer enemies than just new york nanny mayor mike bloomberg. he will play the and this part to controversy. democratic controlled senate must be brimming with confidence that it can pass a budget for
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♪ lori: democratic senator bob menendez denies the allegations he had sex with underage prostitutes and the dominican republic. he is reimbursing his friend and campaign donor for the flight. and in his office says the senator recently cut a check to the florida eye doctor for nearly $60,000, three years after those trips to place. the senators that the midst of l.a. was sloppy, but they chalk it up to simple oversight. so these latest developments come just two days after fbi agents raided the doctor's office, reportedly looking into allegations of medicare fraud and political corruption. the senate today voted in favor of the house plan to raise the debt ceiling. no budget no pay. the bill requires the democratic controlled senate to pass a change fod will will who senate is not sucl
10:29 pm
members of congress, well, they will get paid. fox's chief political correspondent carl cameron has more. >> senators approve the already house passed a budget no paypall suspending the current debt ceiling of $16 trillion through mid may when the debts estimated to be four under and $50 billion more. the house and senate will have to pass budgets by mid april or member paychecks will be withheld. >> raising the possibility of the united states the faulting on its obligations every few months is not an ideal way to run government. but a short-term solution is better than another eminent manufactured crisis. lori: house republicans have passed budgets during the obama era and credit is salary threats of senate democrats who have not do so this year. republicans tried to pass amendments that would prioritized payments when cash runs short to pay interes first and then social security and active-duty military pay as well as a measure of setting new debt with matching spending cuts. >> there are no gimmicks, no
10:30 pm
timing shifts, but these would be real cuts and the growth of federal spending. >> democrats blocked each amendment, and the new budget no pay act was set unaltered to the president for promised signature. >> on this measure the eyes of 64 1/8 to 34. the motion carries. >> no break in the battle. new deadlines loom one month from tomorrow billions in automatic across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester kick in unless the two parties can agree on a compromise replacement of when. plus a the end of march congress to fund the government to the end of the fiscal year or risk get another shot down. publicans of spending but cuts and no more taxes and democrats will pretty much the opposite. it all start compromising the budget might start cutting automatically in 29 days. lori: leave it to carl cameron to sum it up succinctly. fox's chief political correspondent. the department of common security offering advice for confronting mesmer's in your place. critics are touting its usefulness. here's what the government thinks he should do to fend off an attack by a crazed gunman.
10:31 pm
>> if you are caught out in the open and cannot conceal yourself or take cover, you might consider trying to overpower this year with whatever means are available. to protect her hiding place lock the door, if you can't lock the door with heavy furniture and clothes cover and move away from windows. hide behind large items such as. [indiscernible] lorii hope they pay that dialogue to appear in that. the president of the independent firearm owners association says there are better options than scissors when confronting an armed mass murderer such as illegal firearm. arab-american groups are lashing out saying the new super bowl ad is racist. the men along spot shows an arab walking to a desert with a camel trying to reach a giant bottle of coke. some ten seconds in the man finds himself in a race with cowboys, apocalyptic mad max characters and loss vegas showgirls, of course. the super bowl, after all. the end, asking viewers to vote online for whoever they think
10:32 pm
should win the race. but arab groups are upset that the website does not include the arab man in that vote, and they say the ad portrays him as back words and foolish camel jockey. a spokeswoman for coca-cola denies the charges saying they use the character. two of the nation's largest newspapers, the new york times and the "wall street journal" reporting they were targeted for chinese hackers who infiltrated their computer system. apparently monitoring its coverage, and the times as the attackers were searching for details and an article published back in october looking into the wealth of the top chinese official in his family. at the time, china's communist party slammed the peace and immediately blocked the new york times website. chinese officials are calling backing accusations irresponsible and baseless. the fbi says it has been investigating hacking incident on major media companies for more than a year. million americans out of work
10:33 pm
are underemployed, and the president decides he's got it. he does not need the advice of his own jobs council anymore. the "a-team" takes that up. buyers remorse. american's unions with the realization, obamacare may not be easily what members need to protect their health.. the gun-control debate, the emotionally charged national discussion dealing with new life today as another kid a shot at school. national rifle association executive director chris cox joins us next. ♪ (announcer) scottre knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. voted "best investment services company."
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♪ men who. lori: an off-duty police officer working as a school resource officer being held here of tonight. that after disarming a suspect and he shot a 14 year-old boy grazing the back of his neck. at an atlanta middle school. all took place at price mills school in southeast that led to this afternoon. multiple shots fired, and police say the armed resource officer was able to subdue the shooter
10:37 pm
and have him drop his weapon moments after the shooting happened. the gunman is in custody, and identified as a student at the school, the victim is alert and conscious and expected to recover an area hospital. vice-president joe biden meeting today with democratic senators stating that passage of gun-control legislation should be a no-brainer for congress. there are things they can do to save lives which will not have animpact on second amendment rights. our next guest says its active despite statements. that main goal of the gun banners is not to make schools safer, but to ban your guns and abolish every last seeker right you have under the second amendment and tell their reduce your freedom to ashes. meanwhile, president obama will take his push for strict -- stricter gun control measures on the road, planning on traveling to minneapolis to meet with local law enforcement and elected officials. joining us now, executive director for the national rifle
10:38 pm
association his debut for legislative action. thanks for joining us tonight for. >> thanks for having me. lori: your thoughts upon hearing that the school shooting, regard in the school actuallyorbid what could have been an even bigger tragedy. this is what the nra has suggested, really from the get go, says the new town tragic. >> you're right. we should all agree on is that we need to keep our kids safe. there is a good way of doing it, with armed security, and as a bad way of trying it, and that is putting a sticker and a window that says no guns allowed. that doesn't work, not a serious solution, and we call on elected officials all over the country to join us. about one-third of the schools have armed security. we need to do a better job of making that number larger. lori: bigger picture, your thoughts on how the country's mood, how the sentiment has changed, the interest in reforming gun laws in this country because of this rash of violence, especially in schools. >> well, i think that people want serious solutions.
10:39 pm
the national rifle association wants to help have a meaningful conversation about how we keep our kids safe. we talked about our security which is certainly a part of it, but there are two other parts that are important. we need to address a broken mental health system. there are people who were sick that not all people with mental problems of violence, the once you are need to get medication, they need to get help, and if they cannot any to be civilly committed input into protected environments, and the other thing we need to deal with this crime. we can talk about background checks, systems, and all these other things, but criminals enough up the background check systems. they need to get to the prison system, and the need to stay there, but that is going to require political backbone, and the determination to prosecute criminals and sadly, this a ministration it is just not happening. lori: i have to tell you, and our short conversation hearing your for ticket safety and mental health, it sounds like the nra is sort of changing the way it approaches the subject. >> not at all. italy's been abuzz safe and responsible gun ownership.
10:40 pm
we would 25 million kids through in a legal children's safety program and have the lowest firearm accident rate in 100 years. we have tens of thousands of certified instructors he. ♪ responsibility. everything we do is about safe and responsible gun ownership. we are just about serious solutions to the underlying problem and not papering over with feel-good legislation that will keep markets if. lori: gun-control obviously front and center, especially just yesterday. here obviously speaking. the gun show loophole, the background checks, i know clearly are against it, but would you go with it given the current state of affairs? >> we support background checks on retail sales. lori: i'm talking about the gun shows. >> the problem with gun shows is there is a lot of misinformation most of the sales at gun shows are retail sales. what they're talking about are private individuals. if you think that the drug dealer in chicago is going to go into walmart are going to again
10:41 pm
show and do a transfer through legal means, you should probably be mentally adjudicated and headed into the system yourself. it's not a serious solution. all it's going to do is create criminal out of law-abiding people transferring legal firearms. this is not a serious solution to the problem, and utah and connecticut, the best background check system in the world would not have prevented the tragedy because those guns were stolen. we need to address mental health. we need to address the crime problem. lori: w keep weapons out of criminals' hands? >> there is a very good way, and that is sending a message to the criminal element that if she misses a firearm you're going to jail. they're not going to respond. they don't fear a background check because they know to go through background checks. they steal guns, get them on the black market, but what did you respond to is the prison system, and we need to send a message to the criminal element that not all criminals are out committing murders, but the ones who are need to get the message that if you commit a crime with a gun you're dealing drugs again,
10:42 pm
you're going to go to jail, you're going to be prosecuted. lori: is the atf doing a good job? >> no. the government is failing. there is a 35% decrease per capita in the prosecutio a fire teeseven of crimes committed with firearms. that is simply an exceptional. is the collapse of prosecution. president obama has overseen the largest collapse in ten years. they need to get serious until u.s. attorneys, tell eric holder to get serious about prosecuting criminals who misuse firearms and not focus on law-abiding people who are out the problem. lori: appreciate the conversation. >> thanks. lori: coming up tomorrow, fox news is all politics and they're committees chief economist, an author and conservative columnist among our guests. don't forget, go to to find links or send us an e-mail. luminous hearing from you. up next the majority of americans think the federal government is becoming a threat.
10:43 pm
the story and the "a-team" straight ahead. ♪
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♪ lori: new reports that labor unions are trading against obamacare after initially supported the law three years ago. according to the wall street journal, unions are taking issue with other large deals with multi employer health care plans which are popular with union members and cover some 20 million americans. the unions of the lowest bid members from companies to offer health care plans to be able to access federal subsidies or tax credits, but obamacare does not allow it, and the unions say new obamacare gulations are likely to drive up costs. the obama administration is not commenting on the issue, and they risk alienating key democratic allies by doing so. by the way, the majority of waivers were handed out to labor unions. joining me now, the "a-team," author, radio talk-show host, fox is contributor, former new jersey gubernatorial candidate
10:47 pm
and a former rnc media -- sorry, michael. >> that's okay. i've been called worse. lori: welcome to all of you. on going to start with you as an apology for botching your name. you're a former new jersey gubernatorial candidate. now, trying to get confirmed. it was crazy. it was brutal. >> it was -- i don't envy senator hagel for the position he thought himself and. gointo visit over 50 senators, former colleagues, and that each and every one of them served with him, but usually a level of collegiality in the senate that is unlike the house now and forever. i thought it was pretty tough questioning. especially between senator hegel and senator mccain. both members of the republican party. lori: your thoughts on the hearing today and could he have been better prepared? coming to me and to have known,
10:48 pm
those questions are coming to him about iran that, but israel >> look, i agree that it was rather remarkable that members of his own party, former colleagues from both sides are d of coming at him. but i think you have a lot of senators now that are listening very closely to the people back on, perhaps more than they do, and to be more aloof and ouse members, but familiar know, all of the things that we are hearing about him and he is saying, i have this long record, like all of you. you can take every word i ever said to everybody ever cast. what this boils down to is that he basically seems to support containment of katie would suggest you will be okay with a nuclear arms around. that is the problem. lori: that is really scary. >> absolutely. and this is the policy. this is the team the president is assembling. katie mcfarla told me, passive aggressive. it's just bad, if he even does the confirmation.
10:49 pm
>> what was so stunning. he had a reputation for being a very prettily night. when he started essentially blow today, there was another reservoir of goodwill for him. no one came to his defense, no one tried to back him up. >> twofold. what was astonishing, first of all, the alliance have been tough going into this. one, ideological, lot of questions about what he beieves on iran, imposing sanctions, calling it the jewish lobby in america. and in the second line of attack, how honest is he really being or is he just an opportunist and he is taking these positions? today when he could not answer basic questions about, as you point out, containment versus prevention of iran getting the nuclear weapon, the muslim brotherhood and the rise of the islamists, when he could not answer basic questions like that it raises a whole other line of attack and question about his very competence, which is another whole thing, and i am not convinced that he is going to make it through confirmation.
10:50 pm
lori: what do you think? >> i honestly believe that he will make it through confirmation. it will probably be narrow, along party lines, but a lot of focus on what are not planned at all believe that the secretary of the roman defense is actually a policy maker%. that comes from the front office, the oval office and the secretary of state's office. we have some tough decisions to make an even be the proper person to make them. >> of a leave to say th secretary of defense is not a decision maker. that is to support. they do a and an awful lot. that is why yabbies have permission hearings. he has former colleagues coming after him like this, i think it suggests that there is that legitimate question more than just the fact that they did not belong when he was there but have different policy decisions.
10:51 pm
lori: that's all right there and take a quick break and come back and talk about more economic news of the president shutting the door of the jobs council setting a did not like your job -- your ideas in the first place. i'm exaggerating. back to the "a-t officemax knows... time can be...well...taxing. so right now we'll give you... ...$10 off any turbo tax deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax. we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. ♪
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lori: majority of americans see federal government as a threat to their freedom, according to pew research, 63% said that government is a threat, and 43% do not believe that, this is a reversal from a decade ago. back with the a-team, monica crowley, michael murphy and sherri wha jack kobe is, let's k
10:55 pm
about jobs council shuttered by the president, what is the message that obama administration is sending about creating jobs. >> to me? >> yeah for you, sherri. >> quick answer, the election is over, obama won, he did you not ni it any more, jobs council was just a talking point, high did you not care about jobs -- he does not care about jobs. >> reporter: michael? >> the best job creator a good economy, i am going to sound like a republican but we're getting rid of a wasteful but crease -- bureaucracy. >> it was phoney from the beginning, it only met 4 times in person, now that the election is over he can dispense with it, a healthy economy and booming job market inter fears with
10:56 pm
president obama's grand project expanding the government. lori: well said. let's end on a humorous note, department of homeland security put out this video, encouraging you, if you should be attacked by a mass shooter to grab a pair of scissors, looks like a college video. actors, i don't know if they are real, but, sherri, grab kitchen shears if you are under the threat of gun violent. is this going to be effective? >> no, and i don't think it is funny and light, years ago i had my house broken into once they tried to when i was there, living alone, single woman for them to say, gee, grab a pair of scissors, you will be fine that is disturbing. lori: offensive. >> yeah. we're laughing about this, this is your tax dollars at work telling you could fend off a
10:57 pm
mass murderer with a pair of scissors, they are trying to strip away law abiding citizen's ability to have a gun to prospect yourself. >> >> reporter: does this help the problem right now? it just sort of making a joke, it is a rile problem. this is doing nothing. >> if monica's point can be taken, there is something to be said, you do not want to face an armed gunman with a pair of scissors. >> what are you going togo throw the scissors, they are trying to make a bigger point. lori: we don't need guns because we have scissors, appreciate your take. thank you so much, before we go. talking about violence, i know this president the take his public push for stricker gun control measures to minneapolis next week, we heard from
10:58 pm
nra this hour, are we getting some where? are politics getting in the way. >> we're getting a jobs number tomorrow, and we see a considertion in the. now this is about he'll carry. >> thank you so much, that is it, you can catch me alongside melissa every day at 1:00. good nig with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small busins earns 2% cash back on every purchase, ery day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? or double miles on every purchase, every day!
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